Friday, May 30, 2014

What if My Restaurant Merchant Services Account is Declined?

More and more restaurants are realizing that opening a merchant account is in their best interest.  However, applications to open a restaurant merchant services account are not always approved.  What should you do if this happens?  Some merchant services companies may be willing to negotiate.  Just because you were declined does not mean it is set in stone.  If your application to open a restaurant merchant services account was declined, respond in a respectful and professional manner.  For example, you could say: 

“Thank you for considering our application for a restaurant merchant services account. I am familiar with the risks associated with allowing businesses to open a merchant services account and recognize that there are reasons I might not be approved. However, I would like to reinforce that we would love the opportunity to work with your business and would take this partnership very seriously. If there is anything we can do to give you peace of mind about working with us, like providing cash collateral or security, we would be happy to discuss this option. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to have our business approved for a restaurant merchant services account.”

The wording above is a good suggestion, but be sure to customize your message to your specific audience. The main goal in this messages is to let them know that you sincerely want to work with their business. In general, the more transparent you are about risk and security, the more likely you are to be approved for a restaurant merchant services account. Once you have shown that you are a serious, stable, and financially sound business, you will be able to enjoy the freedom that comes with running your business with a restaurant merchant services account.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Reasons Why Your Business Should Make the Switch to a Tablet POS System

The age of mobile technology has sprouted some amazing advances, allowing business to perform vital processes from just about anywhere. It was only a matter of time before tablet POS systems became a popular solution to merchant account management and sale processing.

Many systems like Clover allow merchants to begin processing sales right out of the box. This type of tablet POS system comes with everything you need to process sales and track account information. They normally include a receipt printer, cash register, and fully customizable tablet-based processor which can process sales, scan bar codes, and keep tabs on things like orders, customer information, cash logs, and much more.  
In addition, you are in control from just about anywhere when using tablet POS systems. These systems work off wireless technology; allowing you to take advantage of everything the system has to offer from anywhere in the cloud. Whether you are a trade show or on vacation, you will be able to process sales and check transaction status from your handheld device.

When using of your tablet POS system, you can rest assured your business and customer information is safe and secure. Tablet POS systems employ a rigorously layered security protocols including end to end encrypting card readers, locked-down operating systems, mutually authenticated SSL, and frequent penetration testing.

Customizing your tablet POS system is as easy as visiting your app store. You can add and delete features as needed. Depending on your business, your POS system can adapt, giving you complete control over sales and transactions whether cash or credit. 

Tablets are set to become the standard for up-and-coming POS technology, allowing businesses more control over sales, customers, and product and service management. In order to get the most out of your merchant service, consider the tablet POS system to customize the way you do business.